LRSS Membership fees 2018

Adult member £30 annually
Youth member £30 annually

All students must be members of Lyme Regis Sea School to participate in activities and enjoy the use of LRSS equipment and dinghies.

NOTE - Lyme Regis Sailing Club and Lyme Regis Sea School are separate organisations.  Membership of one organisation does not give membership of the other, i.e. if you are a Sailing Club member and wish to use Sea School facilities or join a course, then you must become a Sea School member.  Equally, if you are a Sea School member and wish to use the Sailing Club, then you must apply to become a Sailing Club member.

Course fees 2018:

ADULT Summer course:  £300 per week. ( 16 and above. )
YOUTH Summer course: £225 per week