Lyme Regis Sea School

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in the Sailing Club, Lyme Regis on Sunday 3rd July 2017 at 2.30pm

PRESENT: Chris Joyner(Chair), James Fuller ( Hon Treasurer), Nikky Williams ( Principal), Ray Waspe ( Boatswain), Jo Law, Bob Mercer, Shelagh Mercer, Max Smith, Fraser Earle, Jeremy White, Ian Spiller.

1.APOLOGIES: Sue Spiller who has resigned from being Hon Sec (We thanks her for all her work in the past) Patricia Williams, Hilton Davis.

2. MINUTES: The Minutes of the Meeting held on 30th March 2016 were presented by Chris Joyner. These had previously been posted on the Sea School website for all to read. They were unanimously agreed and signed.

In line with the decision taken at last year’s AGM the 2017 AGM has been postponed until July to enable the accounts to be brought up to date and enable members of the team who are at college etc to be present.
A Facebook link has been placed on the LRSS website.
Polo shirts and hoodies printed with the Sea School Logo have been sourced and are being worn by the team.

4. PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: Nicky Williams delivered the Principal’s Report.

2016 was a very busy year.
Two First Aid Courses were run so that all the team are all up to date.
A number of PB2 courses for ten new prospective instructors and LRSC Members.
An Instructors Course with six students participating. All passed bar one who has a small action plan.

So far this year it has not proved possible to run the Axminster and Woodroffe School, Saturday Ladies and Improvers Sailing. This is due to there not being an SI available to run these courses. It is hoped the Simon Ransom Williams will be able to get qualified this Autumn when it may prove possible to resume the activity.

Two of the Wayfarers have been sold, several of the older Picos and the three Fivas. Two more Laser 2000s and several newer Picos were bought bringing the total to five Laser 2000s and twelve Picos most of which are to the latest design.
A great deal of fund raising has been done by Jo, which has enabled the replacement of the buoyancy aids, boats and uniform.
The LRSC Youth Group has made good use of the boats on a Tuesday evening whilst the Safetyboat training course has used them to practice rescues.
Five Intensive weeks of sailing are booked in with two having been completed so far in mixed weather.


The accounts to the end March 2017 were presented. The closing balance on the year shows a slightly decrease on 2016 but maintains the balance above the £20,000 which has been our reserve in the event of a period of inactivity. The purchase of replacement boats has been largely cash neutral due to grants from various organizations plus the funds from the sale of boats. This is not shown as the activity was after March 2016.


The following officers were elected unopposed to stand for another year.
Principal: Nicky Williams.
Treasurer: James Fuller.
Chair: Chris Joyner.
Vice Chair: Hilton Davis.
Boson. Ray Waspe.
Hon Sec. Vacant.
Committee. As stated by attendance.


The top priority is to train additional SIs. A course for two in June / July was cancelled at the last moment and no other courses were available. Simon Ransom Williams and Josh Bolton are both hoping to arrange this as soon as it is possible. Additionally Fraser Earle will be eligible. Currently a lack of Sis is hindering us in providing training outside the Intensive Week period.
It is anticipated that a FA Course will be arranged for early in 2018 and a DI Course in late June / early July.
PB2 and PBS Courses will be arranged as needed.


Jo Law has been particularly successful in obtaining grant aid from various organisations.
Tesco gave £1000 which enabled the buoyancy aids to be replaced.
Lyme Regis Town Council £3500 to fund two of the three Pico dinghies.
Additionally awards were given by Lyme Regis Coop, Lyme Regis Town Band and Comtrol.
The fund raising will continue with the hope to fund the replacing of the engine on Rescue 1 and possibly the purchase of other dinghies. Jo is hopeful of continued support from Tesco and possibly Bridport and Lyme Regis News.


The unfortunate accident when one of the sponson tubes on Lyme RIB was cut with the safety knife was discussed. The repair has been completed and the cost of repair and related costs has been covered by LRSS. The PVC Tubes remain a concern this being the forth tube related problem on the boat and Hypalon Tubes would be much more suitable for our use. LRSS fund 50% of the running costs of this RIB and negotiations need to take place with LRSC to discuss whether Lyme RIB is to be re-tube and if so the cost of LRSS’s contribution.
A grey area re Insurance of boats used by LRSS which we do not own was raised by LRSC. Particularly of concern are LRSC boats which are essential to the Intensive and larger courses. It was not entirely clear from the LRSC insurance whether having an LRSC Member as driver was sufficient to be insured under the LRSC policy as there is a mention of during LRSC activity. To avoid any problems of this nature LRSS now has arranged a £40k cover for any boats that we may use under our current RYA RTE policy. Currently this is for 20 days but will need revising next year.
Whilst we accept that we are liable for damage that we cause to LRSC equipment it must also be accepted that the reverse is the case and we must keep a record of this. So far a Laser 2000 mast has been damaged during LRSC Safetyboat Training and ideally needs to be replaced at £850. These items may go through the Joint Facilities Committee as part of the balancing exercise


All the boats have been brought up to a good standard but it has taken a great deal of time and effort to achieve this. Newer boats help to some extent but there are still continued breakages which need attention. Ray and Dave Law have done the bulk of the work, assisted by various others. The fact that the boats are now kept on the beach makes the maintenance more difficult and time consuming.
The Andrew Simpson Trust will apparently not be using Picos after this year due to the increase in their cost. We will have to make alternative arrangements to obtain replacements for our older boats.

11. AOB

Ray has arranged for an RS Quest to be brought to Lyme for testing 28th Aug. The Quest may fit into our fleet providing a robust and durable youth boat for the more able sailors. Various other boats were discussed but we do not want to increase our fleet much beyond what we have.
The four Wayfarers and their future was discussed. They are very good as a stable platform in bad weather but in the last few years they have not had a great deal of use. It was agreed that depending on their usage this year we will reduce the number next year.
Jo is running a Tombola Thurs 3/8/17 and would appreciate contributions. Additionally help is requested with buckets to collect money during the Red Arrows display. This will show support for the Town as well as appreciation for their generous contribution.
During the forthcoming year it is intended to investigate whether it would be possible and desirable to have on line booking next year and additionally whether we might increase the number of PB2 courses we are able to offer.

Finally CJ thanked everyone for their tremendous work in running the Sea School this last year. It was particularly good that there were a number of new people on the team.

Meeting closed at 3.30 pm.