Youth and Adult places are available on all the courses but taught separately. Adults are taught with one Instructor to two students whilst the youth group is taught with a ratio of instructors to students, which is much larger than the recommendations of the RYA. This generous ratio of instruction ensures that we are able to adapt the courses to the individuals concerned, taking account of their ability, experience and desires. Adults generally follow the RYA Basic Skills Course and later the four modules, Seamanship, Racing, Day Sailing and Spinnaker whilst the Youth group follow the RYA Young Sailors Scheme stages 1 to 4, followed by the four modules. Whilst we are rightly proud of our ability to provide a high standard of tuition and achieve a high rate of success for our students, we consider that the courses must be above all, be safe and great fun for all participants.

LRSS adapt their courses and activities on offer to the level of experience and demands of its students.
If you want to try something different please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your wish.

Whilst we would like all our students to gain the next level or stage during their course, we cannot guarantee this, as much will depend on factors over which we have no control, such as natural ability, weather etc. Rest assured we will do our best.


Basic Skills. Level 2
The RYA scheme for teaching dinghy sailing is built on the Stage 2 Basic Skills Course. This course will teach you to sail safely in wind strengths up to Force 3. Most of the time is spent on the water and covers all the basics that are needed.

You will learn to sail upwind, downwind, control speed, tack, gybe, launch and recover, deal with capsize etc. Additionally there will be some theory which covers topics such as weather, tides, aerodynamics, knots etc.

Once students have gained the Basic Skills Qualification they may then go on to do the modules. We offer four of these: Racing, Spinnaker, Day Sailing and Seamanship.


The youth courses follow the RYA Young Sailors Scheme. The skills taught are basically the same as the adult scheme but are broken down into smaller chunks. These are referred to as Stages 1,2,3 & 4.  On reaching Stage 4 the students can then go on to the Modules, which appear in the adult programme.

It is worth noting that the amount of material and jumps between modules is not the same. For instance, there is a great deal more required to go from Stage 2 to Stage 3 than there is from Stage 1 to Stage 2.

Stage 3 of the Youth Programme corresponds to the Basic Skills Level 2 in the Adult Scheme.

At the Stages below you will have acquired:

Stage 1:  A basic understanding of how a boat works, and some experience of steering and handling it.

Stage 2:  A range of sailing skills and background knowledge.

Stage 3:  A sound knowledge and skills to regard yourself as a sailor rather than as a beginner.

Stage 4:  The skills needed to sail a double-handed boat as crew or helm and solve a variety of problems afloat.


1. Membership fees are not refundable.
2. The entire course fee is not refundable when sessions are missed due to bad weather, as a proportion of each course consists of relevant shore based activities.
3. A pro-rata refund will be offered on Intensive Courses if it is not possible for relevant acceptable activities to take place on a given day, e.g. bad weather precludes further sailing and no related shore based activities can be realistically offered.
4. Whenever possible, alternative sessions will be offered to compensate for missed sessions instead of a refund.
5. Refunds will not be given for students’ disinclination to continue with a course.
6. All refunds will be dealt with on an individual basis.

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