Course reservations can only be made by members of Lyme Regis Sea School.

MEMBERSHIP YEAR RUNS FROM 1 JANUARY FOR 12 MONTHS.  All LRSS memberships expire on 31 December and need renewing on 1 January each year.** 

Adult membership: £30.

Youth membership:  £25.

The courses will be of five days duration, unless stated otherwise and will cater for a large range of competence from novice to experienced sailors. Adult and youth groups are generally run autonomously but on occasions, when requested, we have arranged for parents to sail with their children.

**Please note that membership of Lyme Regis Sea School is not membership of Lyme Regis Sailing Club as they are two separate organisations.  To join Lyme Regis Sailing Club, please follow this link


The adults follow the “RYA National Sailing Scheme” and the children “The RYA Youth Sailing Scheme”. Adults are generally taught in a ratio of one Instructor to two students and we aim for beginners to achieve Basic Skills Level 2 by the end of the course. At this level students will be capable of helming a dinghy in winds up to Force 3 without an Instructor in the boat. Subject to conditions, students may then borrow the Sea School boats. More experienced students who have gained Level 2 are given a choice, as to which of four modules they wish to attempt. These include Seamanship Skills, Day Sailing, Sailing with Spinnakers and Start Racing. Much of the Basic Sailing takes place in Wayfarers and Laser 2000's which are large stable dinghies and ideal for the purpose, whilst Lasers, Picos and RS Feva's a are also available. We pride ourselves on being flexible and are pleased to adapt courses to individuals requirements. More details regarding the RYA courses can be found on


The Youth Sailing Scheme followed by the children has four stages with Stage 3 being roughly equivalent to the Basic Skills Level 2 of the adults. Students progress through the stages and having completed Stage 4 may then decide to go on to the four adult Modules listed previously.
We cannot guarantee that after a weeks course students will have progressed to the next Stage, Level or successfully completed a module. The award of a qualification is a testimony to the ability to have demonstrated certain skills rather than having been taught them. Some stages are bigger than others, people learn at different rates and the weather can limit the amount of time that it is possible to spend on the water. However our Instructors are a particularly dedicated group who always do their best maximise the progress made in the courses.

Course Arrangements

The shore base for the courses is “The Lyme Regis Sailing Club” which can be found at the top of the slipway at the Cobb Lyme Regis. The courses run from Monday to Friday unless otherwise stated, commencing at 10.00am and finishing at 5.00pm. Lunch is taken between 1.00pm and 2.00pm and is generally at the Clubhouse. There are plenty of shops and takeaways in the vicinity if required. A BBQ is usually arranged for one of the lunchtimes and if the weather permits it may be possible to sail to a beach a few miles down the coast. 

Equipment and clothing

The Sea School provides buoyancy aids but does not provide other clothing such as wet suits. Wetsuits can be purchased relatively cheaply these days and most people already have the other items needed. See Clothing Advice.


MEMBERSHIP:  Adult - £30.00    Youth - £25.00

COURSES: Five day course.  Adult -  £270    Youth - £200.

Clothing Advice

Safety Equipment

All safety equipment will be provided by the Sea School, and whilst on the water a buoyancy aid or life- jacket must be worn.
The Sea School will provide buoyancy aids for its students but if you prefer to use your own, this will be quite acceptable provided that it is checked and judged adequate by the Senior Instructor on duty.


Wet suit boots are not needed but some form of footwear is essential. There is often broken glass in the harbour and hard objects in the boats that can give an injury to feet. Old trainers or canvas tennis shoes which can get wet are quite adequate. Leather shoes, flip-flops or shoes that fall off by themselves are not a good idea.

Other Clothing

It is always cooler on the water than on land and it is better to discard clothing rather than get cold. A light wind and splash proof nylon cagoule is generally a good idea. Padded coats are not a good idea.

Wayfarer Sailing

T-shirts, track-suit tops, shorts or old trousers generally ensure adequate warmth and comfort when sailing Wayfarers. The one exception to this is the capsize practice day when you will get wet and a wetsuit is certainly a good idea. We try to do this on a warm day. Above all do not wear anything which is too good or you might worry about spoiling.

Single Hander Sailing

If you are sailing single handers you are likely to get wet and unless it is really warm you are likely to get cold and not enjoy your sailing as much as you might. Try to borrow or buy a cheap wetsuit. They are not that expensive these days and it is often possible to buy for children a second-hand one which you will be able to sell again when they grow out of it. Rainbow in Broad Street had a selection of very reasonable wetsuits last year and Jimmy Green Marine in Beer have a wide selection of good quality ones.

Other Items

Don't forget

  • Medication, inhalers etc. (These can be kept dry in the safety boat dry box.)
  • Sun block particularly for day sails
  • Drink (Non alcoholic.)
  • Towel and soap, together with a plastic bag for wet items for your shower in the changing rooms at the end of the session
  • Glasses should be secured with a cord and
  • Jewellery & mobile phones etc should be left ashore.


Do not leave anything of value in the changing rooms as they are not secure and occasionally items have gone missing. It is possible to lock things away during sessions and if you require this speak to your instructor.

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