Weekend Sailing Instruction 

Arrangements for the 2018 weekend courses will be announced ASAP and the following outlines our intentions.

An Adult Improvers group, aimed at developing sailing skills in an informal manner running on Saturday afternoons throughout the summer. A similar group for children is also run on Sunday mornings ( weather permitting) Please note that the minimum age for a child taking part in any LRSS courses is 10 years old. Please contact Nikky Williams on lymeregisseaschool@outlook.com for further information.      

Bad Weather Arrangements.

 Lyme has little or no sheltered water and therefore there are likely to be occasions when sailing cannot take place. In some cases shore based training will take place but on other occasions we may have to cancel sessions. Arrangements will be made to notify students at the earliest possible time to avoid unnecessary travelling.

Course Fees.

As stated in our charitable constitution only LRSS members are permitted to take part in LRSS Courses and so all students must have joined LRSS as a member for 2017.

Adult membership.     £25pa.                      Adult session fee.      TBA.

Youth membership.    £25pa.                      Youth session fee.      TBA. 

1. Membership fees are not refundable.
2. The entire course fee is not refundable, as a proportion of each course consists of relevant shore based activities.
3. A pro-rata refund will be offered on Intensive Courses if it is not possible for relevant acceptable activities to take place on a given day, e.g. bad weather precludes further sailing and no related shore based activities can be realistically offered.
4. Whenever possible, alternative sessions will be offered to compensate for missed sessions instead of a refund.
5. Refunds will not be given for students’ disinclination to continue with a course.
6. All refunds will be dealt with on an individual basis.